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Minimum Requirements:

Attorney at Law. Advanced degree in law. At least ten (10) years of active practice in law with a presence of a clearly defined specialization. Knowledge of foreign languages and experience in studying abroad is welcomed. Consent to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Status of private entrepreneurs is welcomed. Part-time employment under a contract of cooperation.

Legal adviser (jurist). Advanced degree in law (day studies) with distinction. At least five (5) years of active practice in law. Fluency in English. The presence of foreign training in the profession is welcomed. Consent to sign an non-disclosure agreement. Punctuality, orderliness, respect for the law firm's corporate culture and teamwork.

Paralegal. Advanced degree in law (day studies) with distinction. Fluency in English. Computer skills and office equipment. Initiative, interpersonal skills, discrete. Discipline and punctuality, discipline and teamwork.


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Участник программы "Корпоративное право США" Проекта "Гармония", Делавэр, США 2000г.

Участник программы "Экологическая Адвокатура" Проекта "Верховенство Права" Американской Ассоцивции Юристов (ABA/CEELI), Черновцы, Украина 2001г.

Участник программы "Прозрачные выборы 2002" Фонда "Возрождение", Черновцы, Украина 2002г.

Участник "Программы Тренингов для Менеджеров (MTP)" Проекта "TACIS", Украина-Дания 2007г.

Эксперт проекта "Правова країна" начиная с 2012 года, при поддержке USID, Черновцы, Западная Украина.