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Representation in Court Proceedings
Business formation and incorporation
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Representation in Court Proceedings

Law Firm "Koutsak & Partners" provides representation of clients in courts throughout the territory of Ukraine, as well as at the European Court of Human Rights.

Areas of legal representation:

  • All categories of civil cases
  • Family disputes
  • Property and land regulations
  • Administrative disputes
  • Labour disputes
  • Litigation with banks and credit unions (including the problem loans, deposits, etc.)
  • All categories of commercial disputes
  • Protecting the rights of shareholders, etc.
  • Cost of services is determined by the law firm in each case in consultation with the customer.
    There are several options for payment:

    1. Lump sum payment for the actual expenses by a single payment, which is carried by the customer on the day of signing the contract, and payment of previously agreed fee to the fact of the court's decision in favor of the client. The cost of the actual costs for the carrying out a case usually does not exceed ten (10) percent of total price of the claim.
    2. Payment by hour, which includes the number of hours spent by an attorney and amount of services provided by the company. The final amount for the cost of services will depend on the amount of completed work, in particular the number and duration of court hearings.

    It should be noted that the company reserves the right to refuse to accept the matter in the case of the client’s unreasonable claims or failure to provide enough of evidence on the case.
    In any case, you can always receive a free initial consultation by contacting us by phone: 8 (0372) 900-510.

    Business formation and incorporation

    If you decide to start your own business, we can be helpful at the stage of business formation and subsequently legally accompany your business.

    Our business formation services include:

  • Preliminary consultation on the business formation
  • Preparation of statutory documents for the incorporation
  • State registration with the Registration and Licensing Chamber
  • Obtaining the Certificate of business registration
  • Obtaining a permission to manufacture printing
  • State registration of enterprises with the State Statistics Agency, the State Tax Administration, and different types of state funds
  • As a result of business formation we provide our customers with the following documents:

  • A certificate of business registration with the unified State Register of Enterprises
  • An evidence of business registration with the Department of state statistics
  • A certificate of business registration with the State Tax Inspection
  • Possible: a single tax payer certificate
  • A certificate of registration of enterprises at the different state funds
  • article of incorporation and / or memorandum of the new enterprise
  • Possible: the collective agreement for the new enterprise, employment contracts, contract with the manager, contracts on full material liability, job descriptions, etc.
  • A corporate seal
  • Representation of the customer in the process of business formation is conducted by attorneys under the power of attorney after the full agreement is reached on the content of incorporation documents.

    The average registration period is from five to seven business days. It is possible to conduct an accelerated business formation process is in two days.

    Cost of services for the business formation s based on the on the urgency of the order and is determined in each case by agreement with the client. In case of signing a contract for a consequent legal support future discounts are available to the client.

    For more information please contact us by phone: +(380) (372) 900-510

    Business support

    An important part of any business is a question of legal security.

    Legal support provided by the law firm "Koutsak and Partners" is meant, among other things, to avoid potential errors and to be able to protect the interests of the client in court.

    Another positive aspect of working with us is that the price of the contract for business support includes the fee of your permanent legal counsel and potential engagement of knowledge and experience of other employees of the firm.

    The cost of business support directly depends on the volume of work performed.

    For the convenience of our clients, our law firm offers several options for business support contracts:

    1. The "Minimal” package - value of 1 000 UAH per month:

  • Telephone consultations (up to three (3) hours per month)
  • Review of commercial and employment contracts (up to five (5) hours per month)
  • Support negotiations with contractors and clients of the enterprise (up to three (3) hours per month)
  • Client’s representation in proceedings with government entities and administration of important legal matters (up to three (3) hours per month)

    2. The “ Medium" package - value of 2 000 UAH per month:

  • Telephone consultations (up to five (5) hours per month)
  • Preparation and writing of business contracts, employment agreements, supply agreements, etc. (up to twenty (20) hours per month)
  • Contract negotiations (up to ten (10) hours per month)
  • Client’s representation in proceedings with government entities (up to ten (10) hours per month)
  • Client’s representation in the court proceedings within the city limits (up to five (5) hours per month)

    3. The “VIP” package - value of 5 000 UAH per month:

  • Telephone consultations (up to fifteen (15) hours per month)
  • In-person consultations at the client’s office ( up to ten (10) hours per month)
  • Legal review of the client’s documentary database (an analysis of existing contracts, labor agreements, incorporation documents, etc) (up to ten (10) hours per month)
  • Preparation and writing of new agreements and contracts (up to fifteen (15) hours per month)
  • Support to the client’s labor relations, development of labor contracts and agreements, job descriptions, preparation and renewal of collective agreements
  • Development and registration of renewed business formation documents of the company upon request from the client (without the time limit)
  • Representation of the client in court proceedings on the territory of Ukraine (up to 20 working hours per month, not including time for travel)
  • Representing the interests of the client firms in different types of government entities (up to twenty(20) hours per month)

    For the clients who are interested in cooperation under the on the "Medium" and "VIP" packages additional terms of agreement are offered. As an additional benefit, we are prepared to provide legal services to the client’s management staff regarding judicial protection of their private interests under special conditions.

    For more information please call +(380) (372) 900-510.

    Legal support in corporate financing and credit disputes

    We offer you legal support in the following matters:

  • Advise on choosing a credit institution (based on our independent rating of "value" of the loan and the dependability of the lender)
  • Preparation of documents necessary to obtain a desired loan
  • Legal review and editing of the loan agreement, mortgage contract and other credit documents offered to you by the lending institution
  • Support during the procedures of signing a loan or mortgage agreements up to finalization of the credit process and receiving a loan
  • Representing the interests of a clients during the credit disputes
  • Representation in court proceedings related to the return of bank deposits
  • For more details a free preliminary consultation is offered by phone at +(380) (372) 900-510


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