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"The case related to the restoration of my labor rights was very resonant and has attracted media attention. But I was not mistaken, when I asked for help from a law firm "Koutsak and Partners." The court decision was made in my favor", - Vasyl Dutchak, the head of the State Ecological Inspection of the Chernivtsi region.

"When we were faced with a need to protect our interests in a business court, we asked for a help from lawyers advised by our business partners. The law firm "Koutsak and Partners" provided us with a professional help, which resulted in full reimbursement of our loss", - Sergey Vidish, director of the LLC "Smart IT”.

"When I consulted with other lawyers, I was told that to prove a contract with LLC" Zhitlovoy Alliance" is almost impossible because there are no such precedents Ukraine. But lawyers from the "Koutsak and Partners" took up this challenge and did not disappoint: my claims were fully satisfied by the court and I received my money back", - Kozek Maria, a private entrepreneur.

"When I referred to the law firm "Koutsak and Partners" I had nothing but idea of what I wanted to do and few years of being a wage-worker. Employees of the company advised me on the type of business corporation and supported me through the process of business formation and created a system of labor contracts and agreements with contractors. We are currently working under a contract for legal support, and I am very pleased by the services provided to me", - Yuriy Vassiliou, director of LLC" Gold Travel.

"Initially, my firm was established with an assistance of another lawyer. But when I needed help in court proceedings my partners advised me to contact the law firm "Koutsak and Partners." Due to the help provided by these lawyers, I won my case in court. Now we are working on a permanent contract for legal support and I am very pleased with the results of such cooperation", - Stepan Kravets, director of LLC" Trade house "Solomon".


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Участник программы "Корпоративное право США" Проекта "Гармония", Делавэр, США 2000г.

Участник программы "Экологическая Адвокатура" Проекта "Верховенство Права" Американской Ассоцивции Юристов (ABA/CEELI), Черновцы, Украина 2001г.

Участник программы "Прозрачные выборы 2002" Фонда "Возрождение", Черновцы, Украина 2002г.

Участник "Программы Тренингов для Менеджеров (MTP)" Проекта "TACIS", Украина-Дания 2007г.

Эксперт проекта "Правова країна" начиная с 2012 года, при поддержке USID, Черновцы, Западная Украина.